Saturday 30 November 2013


Hello Folks!

I have tried ALL these so called "invisible speakers" which traditionally consist of normal driver array  speakers plastered over..they sound terrible ..they crack the plaster over time-and you have to pull half your wall out if you have a problem.

Indeed,these speakers shouldnt be called "invisible" they should be called "covered" because thats what they are..normal speakers ..covered with plaster..

They are a gimmick only..

The future for multi channel sound and multi room audio is not this old technology plastered over..the future is non vibrational surface sound activation using smart material.

The Future is S.S.A.-Surface Sound Activation..  

Frequency 80 HzFrequency 300 HzFrequency 500 Hz
Traditional speaker c3000 μmTraditional speaker c1500 μmTraditional speaker c750 μm
CINEMA 360 S.S.A. < 10 μmCINEMA 360 S.S.A. < 4 μm
CINEMA 360 S.S.A.< 1 μm

Our products use a Smart material that changes shape in a Magnetic field.This material was developed for Sonar devices by the U.S. Navy but is now commercially available.The products use the unique force created by the change in shape of this smart material to aurally activate structures such as floors,windows,walls and even the acoustically conductive structures of ships to produce highly intelligible wide bandwidth sound. 

Attach a Cinema 360 Magnetostrictive sound transducer* to a solid resonant surface and you`ve got a high quality surface speaker which envelops the listener in Immersive Sound.

Compatible surfaces include Glass,Wood,MDF,Acrylic..etc..

Acrylic Artwork Speakers.

Powerful,portable,robust and easy to install without specialist skills or extensive re -working of surfaces.

Suitable for a massive range of applications from Multi Zone ambient sound through to Home Cinema and security conscious Outdoor Installations.

Whether in outdoor decking or round a pool/pond,these water resistant and environmentally friendly & compact products have a low power consumption and will operate in high humidity or high/low temperature extremes.

With a wide bandwidth of 40Hz -20Khz and almost no vibration, the sound is pure and untainted by vibrational issues that plague most direct array speaker technologies.

Finally,being solid state with no moving parts,they are reliable-easy to install/move and replace-as well as inert to MSRA and other airborne bacteria.

S.S.A. products will be on exclusive demonstration ONLY at Projectiondreams..

With Cinema 360 Pro ideology integrated into the tuning and application of these products -they are UNIQUE to Projectiondreams in Europe only..

At Projectiondreams the Holodeck is set to become a reality..:-)

Best Regards,

Vincent Myers.. M.D.

*Not to be confused with non Magno restrictive transducers like "Buttkicker" etc..

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