Thursday 7 November 2013


Dear  Folks,

Great operational skills are absolutely key in designing/planning and scheduling ANY install.Accurate forecasting is paramount to ensure items arrive at the requisite stage of install and trades are organised accordingly.

The above is seldom mentioned by other companies and there is a very..VERY good reason for this...:-)

Namely,they havent the requisite operational skills or background-this isn`t a slight agains`t other companies- rather a fact..

But its an incredibly important fact and a HUGE  plus to have the requisite Operational skills in the Custom Install business-in fact I consider this and the requisite A.V. knowledge,to go hand in hand to create the expertise necessary to create the awesome in good time and cost effectively...

Poor operational planning and scheduling increases project time and operational costs..ultimately this is reflected back to the customer either by exhorbitantly priced equipment or hidden costs..

Though we applaud a customers ability of choice,we are always confident that when a customer appraises the facts and observes our portfolio,expertise and innovation of product mix-that choice is clear..we are innovators not imitators..:-)-

The aim is to continue to advance Projectiondreams to be considered the best in the world and I believe we are not far away..we have the abilities now..the recognition will follow..and this is what we work for -the accolade..we love what we do and want to be the best in the world...

What does make us unique apart from our A.V. qualifications-in Europe and possibly in the world,is our operational  background..

Our M.D. had 15 years of TRULY building technology companies and has numerous worldwide awards to prove it..

Have a look at his LINKED IN PRO page...

What a breath of fresh air to know in Portugal finally in the Audio Video industry there are top class pros with a PROVEN and verifiable background..

This is a PRO industry and Custom Install demands excellence on numerous levels..Operational..product synergy..innovation..great setup..great acoustic and calibration name a few..

Would you really want to settle for less when  its concerning something as important as technology in your home?

Alistair Bourne..Technical Install Manager..Projectiondreams,

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