Friday 29 November 2013


Hello Folks!

Some FANTASTIC news for Cinema lovers..;-)

We have secured a site in Europe for the specific purpose of custom building Cinema seating/Entertainment Room Lounges and Chaise Longes etc..

Traditionally,quality Cinema Seating with A grade leather has been ridiculously expensive because most A.V. companies buy from Cinema seating companies then apply 40%..

Well..straight away with us you are saving that 40% because we supply you direct from our manufacturing division "middle men" involved..

To put this into context,quality Cinema seating from A.V. companies can range from 2k (average grade) to 4k PER SEAT..(A grade).

Our seating-at the highest  A quality leather-will be between 1.5k and 1.7k per seat...and these will be AS GOOD as the 4k seats..:-)

This will save our customers..based on an 8 seat cinema..upto 20,000 Euros...not insignificant eh?

In addition to this..with our seating there are NO can even custom design your own..with monograms..and a plethora of extras...the electronic recline facility will be the best in the business using top Somfy motors..

We also have HUNDREDS of colours for you to choose well as being able to supply in velvet,suede, name it..

..But its not just Cinema seating..we can do ANY type of Lounge or Chaise Longe you heart desires-with our emulation facility we can replicate the most expensive designs far more cost effectively but using the same materials...

People in the industry know this is the Holy Grail of Custom Cinema Installs and Entertainment Room equipping.

Indeed,already we have submitted proposals to major U.K. a.v. chains who have accepted and will use our seating in their installs around the we are incredibly excited about this which takes traditionally, one of the most expensive elements in a Custom Cinema and makes it eminently affordable creating more budget for the equipment..:-)

For customers and developers alike this further secures Projectiondreams as not only the best choice but the most cost effective..

Vince Myers..M.D.


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