Friday 8 November 2013


Dear Folks,

Building on Cinema 360 ideology we are finishing spec and design for a quite unique Cinema-called the GRAVITY..

This throws away the "rule book" of traditional Cinemas to create a 21st century viewing room...with shades of Star Wars and futuristic elements..

There will be no equipment on show,no speakers-the only thing obtrusive will be the experience..:-)

It won`t be fussy or overly fancy WILL be modern and have some very clever acoustic elements and design touches incorporated.

It will incorporate correct viewing angles,field of view requisites-the acoustics will be perfection with zero reflections and tonally balanced sound transitions throughout the speaker array.

The curved screen will be custom built in the room and angle of curve determined by chosen projector..

Optimal 3d viewing positions as well as 4k viewing will be optimal with correct distances.

This will be essentially a room within a room so soundproofing can be done easily.

There will be many uniqueties and secret techniques in this room and to say much more would be to "give the game away"..

But it`s going to be verrrryyyy SPECIAL....:-)

Best Regards,

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